May 30

Are You Wasting Your Budget on Boosted Posts? Probably.

If your advancement team is just beginning to explore advertising on social media to reach your alumni community, you might be thinking of...
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Apr 05

How does the Facebook data scandal impact higher ed advancement?

One of the hottest topics at this year’s CASE conferences has been paid social, the use of targeted social media advertising. More and more... read more →
Apr 03

Why UTSA Turned to Taylor Swift to Engage Alumni

With a creative, new digital strategy inspired by pop culture, the University of Texas at San Antonio was able to engage their alumni in a...
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Mar 27
the challenge with giving days (1)

How Chatbots Boost Giving Day Results

Online giving events such as #GivingTuesday, Giving Days, and fundraising blitzes have become common practices on universities’ advancement...
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Mar 13
You Need Paid Social Media Ads to Reach Your Alumni_Here’s Why (1)

You Need Paid Social Media Ads to Reach Your Alumni: Here’s Why

In the pioneering days of social media, businesses saw huge leaps in growth by following a regular posting schedule. In retrospect, it was...
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Feb 01

Webinar Recap: Young Alumni & Fundraising - Reaching a New Generation

During this webinar on January 30th, we dove into the latest trends and consumer research to reveal the evolving digital behavior of young...
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Jan 18

How Some Universities Are Seeing 80% Open Rates (Hint: It's Not With Traditional Communication Channels)

The trend is clear - alumni participation in charitable giving is on the decline. It's not like the universities have trouble reaching them.  ...
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Jan 08

Why we're introducing a new communication channel to reach alumni and make your job easier

How it all started

Hi everyone, it's me, Raimonds, the founder and CEO of Funderful.
Three years ago, I created Funderful - to help...
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Aug 28

Fundraising with millennials is a joyful experience – here are 3 tips how & why!


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Feb 23

How to get the most out of a CASE District Conference in 2017

Attending conferences might be one of the best things you can do for your career. You’ll learn about the latest developments in industry trends, gain...

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