Are You Wasting Your Budget on Boosted Posts? Probably.

If your advancement team is just beginning to explore advertising on social media to reach your alumni community, you might be thinking of boosting posts from your Facebook page. We get it - It’s really easy to do that, whereas running an official Facebook ad campaign might be scary at first. While boosting your organic posts seems like it might be a good first step into the Paid Social waters, this style of marketing has limited results. Are Facebook Boosted Posts worth your team’s marketing money and energy? In short, rarely.
Facebook developed the “Boost Post” option to be enticing for brands that are new to social media advertising, and who might be overwhelmed by the full capabilities out there. It seems like a simple way to spend your marketing money right from your Facebook page, however, its results and functionality are very limited.  
When you boost a post, the platform’s algorithm defaults to focus on meaningless user engagement (likes, comments & shares) and maximizes its visibility to people who are likely to do those behaviors. The limitation here is that studies show Facebook engagement doesn’t translate into real-world actions like event registrations or donations. Just because someone might love to click “like” on every post they see doesn’t mean that they will take action by making a gift to your university.
When you use the full Facebook Ads system, however, you’re instead able to select from a wide variety of campaign objectives like “Reach,” “Video Views,” and “Conversions (Donations)”. With these objectives, Facebook’s algorithm shows your ad to users in your target audience who are most likely to do that specific action; you get the highest relevant results for your money this way. To learn more about Paid Social, check out another article here.
Some other bonuses you get for using the full range of capabilities:  
  • Place your ad on other platforms beyond Facebook newsfeed & Instagram, such as Messenger, Instagram Stories and Audience Network
  • Have greater creative control with more formatting options whereas a boosted post can only be the style of an organic post
  • Access to more targeting options because you can layer parameters in different ways than “Boost Post” offers
Still not sure? Facebook Ads Manager even allows you to create a specific custom audience based on real people in your alumni database, then target those users specifically to connect with you 1:1 via Facebook Messenger chatbots. Once your audience has opted in to subscribe to your Messenger experience, you can expect to reach them with over 80% open rates and 5-10x better click through rates than a typical email… without having to spend more of your marketing dollars along the way.
We understand that Paid Social still might be daunting, and that’s why Funderful is here to help you maximize your social media efficiency and team’s bandwidth. To connect with our in-house experts and learn more, click below!
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Annika Jensen, Director of Customer Strategy & Success

Annika Jensen, Director of Customer Strategy & Success at Funderful - Annika is Funderful’s resident strategic campaign planning expert, joining the team after working in the social media, digital and experiential marketing space for 6+ years, with brand experience in entertainment, education, and consumer packaged goods. Her expertise in managing effective advertising across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Snapchat stems from having run paid social campaigns in excess of $10M.

What is Funderful

It's a social messaging solution that lets you build guided Facebook Messenger conversations with an 80% open rate.

Funderful is great for:

  • Increasing reunion and homecoming attendance
  • Recruiting and managing volunteers
  • Boosting giving day results
  • Attracting young alumni donors
  • Promoting Senior Class Giving.
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