Raimonds Kulbergs CEO of Funderful

Raimonds Kulbergs CEO of Funderful
Founder of Funderful. Raimonds started his career in corporate finance, leading consultancy arms at Deloitte and Ernst&Young. In his free time he led the award winning record breaking alumni fundraising campaign and tripled the funds raised at his school. So he took the jump from a safe career into startups driven by a chance to make a positive and global impact. Raimonds has often been a speaker at CASE District conferences and a contributor for CASE CURRENTS.
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Apr 03

Why UTSA Turned to Taylor Swift to Engage Alumni

With a creative, new digital strategy inspired by pop culture, the University of Texas at San Antonio was able to engage their alumni in a...
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Mar 27
the challenge with giving days (1)

How Chatbots Boost Giving Day Results

Online giving events such as #GivingTuesday, Giving Days, and fundraising blitzes have become common practices on universities’ advancement...
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Feb 01

Webinar Recap: Young Alumni & Fundraising - Reaching a New Generation

During this webinar on January 30th, we dove into the latest trends and consumer research to reveal the evolving digital behavior of young...
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Jan 18

How Some Universities Are Seeing 80% Open Rates (Hint: It's Not With Traditional Communication Channels)

The trend is clear - alumni participation in charitable giving is on the decline. It's not like the universities have trouble reaching them.  ...
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Jan 08

Why we're introducing a new communication channel to reach alumni and make your job easier

How it all started

Hi everyone, it's me, Raimonds, the founder and CEO of Funderful.
Three years ago, I created Funderful - to help...
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Aug 28

Fundraising with millennials is a joyful experience – here are 3 tips how & why!


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Jul 04

Funderful Oxford's fundraising workshop takeaways

Last month, Funderful teamed up with Dave Celone, renowned for running the most successful annual giving programme in the world, to host an...

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Jul 04

Fundraising’s virtuous circle in schools: giving-programmes needed for everyone's success

As part of our UK journey, Funderful and fundraising guru Dave Celone (fundraising consultant and former director of Tuck Annual Giving at Dartmouth...

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Feb 09

Small shop + Giving Day = Mission impossible?

As our team is in the business of empowering small shops, , I was naturally quite excited to attend all giving day related sessions during the CASED1...

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Jan 19

5 Fundraising Tips to Develop Lifelong Relationships

When dealing in fundraising and alumni relations, one should heed tales of exceptional professionals and Chicago’s CASE District Five Conference...

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What is Funderful

It's a social messaging solution that lets you build guided Facebook Messenger conversations with an 80% open rate.

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