Fundraising with millennials is a joyful experience – here are 3 tips how & why!


Millennial generation have a strong sense of community both on local and global scale. Compared to previous generation, Millennials focus on larger societal needs rather than individual needs. From an early age, Millennials witnessed firsthand what it takes to be agents of change and as a result, 61% are worried about the state of the world and feel personally responsible to make a difference. In a Pew Research centre study of millennials it was noted that helping others in need was actually the top 3 priority for millennials coming right after being a good parent and having a successful marriage (helping others topped such possible priorities as owning a home or having a high paying career).

With all of the above you would immediately notice that the millennials are a gem for the fundraiser communities, but for a large part of fundraiser population they remain a headache. As disruptive as they might be in many ways they have made the fundraising more creative and more fun for all of us. The game is fun only if you know the rules. Here are our 3 quick take-aways to make fundraising work for millennials.












  1. Forget phones, forget mails – get your digital fundraising act together

To state the obvious – they want everything about the process to be digital.  Nearly four in 10 millennials (39%) say they interact more with their smartphones than they do with their significant others, parents, friends, children or co-workers, according to a survey released by Bank of America. The average adult checks their phone 30 times a day, and the average millennial checks their phone more than 150 times a day. Yet, the irony is that one characteristic millennials all seem to share is a pure hatred of making phone calls.

Millennials struggle with phones stems from the rude interventions a call makes in their busy everyday lives – if it’s not urgent, we can just do it on WhatsApp. Millennials seem ambushed by the regular voice calls - calling someone without emailing first can make it seem as though you’re prioritizing your needs over theirs. The regular mail that is often used for fundraising needs still is obviously far too outdated to reach the technologically savvy fast paced millennial – its one sided interaction does not meet any of the social needs of generation y.

Millennials spend 5-10 hours a day consuming copious amount of online content. So creating an experience (be it for fundraising for universities or other) within this digital world with relevant content is the first step in captivating this generation.



  1. Recognize the effort made and do it fast!

Millennials are furious when they feel they are wasting their time; they want to learn quickly and move on. Millennials are impatient “We Want It Now” generation. Being bombarded with more than 5000 marketing messages per day we – the millennials – cannot hold our attention for more than 8 seconds. On demand services like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Deliveroo don’t add to y generations patience either. Today expect instant gratification, instant answers and instant services.

So all the fundraising efforts just have to represent this need of instant gratification, realization of where the results stand and how each individual has contributed to the common goal. With the nomadic lifestyle that millennials lead sending out campaign reports after a few weeks seems like the last century data for us.














  1.  Have fun while donating.

Millennials do not need to be convinced of giving some contribution to general society. They are cause oriented and contribute happily. Thus daunting descriptions of the case of this donations is less relevant than actual having fun while being engaged in the donations process. Data shows not surprisingly that 90% of millennials want their workplaces to be social and fun and 88% say that a positive company/environment culture is essential to their dream job. So do not make the fundraising a boring and must-do task list for them.

Nostalgia, internal trivia and inside jokes are fun ways to make the fundraising process more relevant and appealing to millennials. Being so motivated by the meaning of helping others fun is an essential part of our fundraising campaigns for world's best universities. Ping us if you are craving to know more!




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