Jul 04

Funderful Oxford's fundraising workshop takeaways

Last month, Funderful teamed up with Dave Celone, renowned for running the most successful annual giving programme in the world, to host an...

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Jul 04

Fundraising’s virtuous circle in schools: giving-programmes needed for everyone's success

As part of our UK journey, Funderful and fundraising guru Dave Celone (fundraising consultant and former director of Tuck Annual Giving at Dartmouth...

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Feb 09

Small shop + Giving Day = Mission impossible?

As our team is in the business of empowering small shops, , I was naturally quite excited to attend all giving day related sessions during the CASED1...

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Jan 19

5 Fundraising Tips to Develop Lifelong Relationships

When dealing in fundraising and alumni relations, one should heed tales of exceptional professionals and Chicago’s CASE District Five Conference...

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Dec 10

Lessons Learned from Yale’s Experts and Alumni Volunteers

I am writing this as the train from Yale, New Haven, Connecticut is taking me to my next destination – New York City. Having just attended YaleGALE...

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May 13

Want to increase engagement? Stop being so serious!

Injecting a little fun into your campaigns can motivate these five alumni types.

Working adults crave fun. Four out of 10 adults worldwide deal with...

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Dec 30

A Chance To Help During Christmas

A Chance To Help During Christmas: Latvian Startup Founder Battling Cancer

With Christmas approaching tomorrow and the giving mood and campaigns of...

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Nov 06

Using Social Media to Shake Up College Fund-Raising

Alumni fundraising that beat Stanford in alumni engagement

“We will eat sweet, sweet honey,” reads a poster that depicts Hardy Rock confronting Oski...

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Oct 04

Alumni Futures writes about the SSE Riga fundraising success

Andy Shaindlin discusses our gamification approach helped increase alumni participation by 300%

Alumni Futures Blog author Andy Shaindlin recently...

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Oct 02

It’s Funderful to meet you

Raimonds gets interviewed by Techhub on the Funderful journey so far

Techhub is one of the leading working spaces for startups that we are proud to...

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